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Root Canals

Our dentists at Azure Dental can help you with a root canal in the San Francisco bay area. We are here to help ease your fears and make sure the procedure is smooth and pain-free.

At our dental office, we provide safe and effective treatment to help you improve your oral health. Contact our dental team in San Francisco today to make an appointment and see if a root canal is right for you.

Who needs root canal treatment?

Who needs root canal treatment? It can be challenging to say without examining the tooth. If you are experiencing bad tooth pain or sensitivity, you may have an infection requiring root canal therapy.

Root canals are performed to prevent tooth extraction and remove oral bacteria in the tooth root. Endodontic treatment, or a root canal, is necessary when soft tissue becomes infected. The infection may cause pain, swelling, and discoloration. In addition, the infection can lead to tooth loss and spread to other areas if not treated.

Here are some signs and symptoms you need a root canal:

  • Severe tooth pain that is worse with hot or cold temperatures
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold drinks and foods
  • Swelling in your gums
  • Tenderness in your gums
  • Tooth discoloration

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned, it is essential to contact our San Francisco dental team as soon as you notice them and schedule an appointment.

What do root canals involve?

Root canal treatment is a standard dental treatment performed to save a tooth that has been damaged or is infected. This treatment involves removing the dental pulp from the tooth, cleaning and disinfecting the inside of the tooth canal, and then filling and sealing the space. Root canal therapy can be completed in one or two visits to the dentist, depending on the severity of the damage. 

The dentist will take digital x-rays to determine the extent of the infection. We will numb the area around the affected tooth to ensure you are comfortable. Once numb, the dentist will open the tooth so the infected pulp can be removed. The tooth roots are cleaned and disinfected before being sealed. A crown may be placed on the tooth to prevent further damage.

Root Canal Therapy FAQs

Is root canal treatment painful?

Many people believe that root canals are a painful treatment, but in reality, it is often less painful than other dental procedures that may be required if left untreated. In addition, for many patients, the procedure is relatively simple and causes minimal discomfort. 

How should I care for my tooth post-treatment?

It is essential to take care of your restored tooth after restorative treatment. Here are some excellent tips for keeping your teeth healthy:

  • Brush and floss your teeth twice daily
  • Take your prescribed medication and antibiotics as instructed by your dentist to ensure the infection does not return.
  • Avoid eating foods that could irritate your teeth and gums
  • Do not smoke or use tobacco products
  • See the dental office every six months for regular checkups and cleanings

How long does it take to heal from root canal therapy?

Most patients experience minimal discomfort following a tooth restoration and can resume their regular activities quickly. However, total healing may take several weeks to months, depending on the severity of the infection.

Does insurance cover the cost of treatment?

Most dental policies cover the cost of treatment. However, it is essential to contact your insurance provider to determine what is covered and what is not. Treatment for a root canal can be expensive, so it is essential to explore all of your options before deciding.

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If you want to learn more about San Francisco root canals, our experienced dentists at Azure Dental can help. Root canals are one of the most standard dental treatments performed, and we understand that the idea of a root canal can be scary. That is why we are here to help ease your fears and make sure the process is as smooth and pain-free as possible.

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